For Current Patients

Weight Management Program Patient Information

The Weight Management Program is a Medically Managed Program and each persons' journey is unique. The program is referral based. If you have not yet been accepted into the program please speak to your doctor about a Referral. Visits are covered by Alberta Health Care.

If you have been accepted to the program you will be notified via email when you have been added to our Waitlist. If your schedule is flexible we can add you to our cancellation list. We require 48 hours notice to Cancel or Reschedule Weight Management Appointments. When we have a cancellation we will start reaching out to those on the cancellation list in order of the date they were added to the list. No messages will be left. The appointment will be offered to the first person who is able to take our call or respond to a text and we will proceed down the list until the spot is filled.

When we have an appointment available we will email you me the dates and times of your first and second visit. The initial and second visits are comprehensive and involve a visit with the nurse and the doctor. The available dates and times for these appointments are very limited so it is very likely that you will have to adjust your schedule or request time off from work to attend as is necessary with any medical appointment. The first visit will be approximately 90 minutes and the second visit approximately 60 minutes. We appreciate the efforts you make to prioritize yourself and make the needed adjustments to attend these appointments.

Along with the appointment information you will receive a link to an electronic intake form that is to be completed a minimum of one week prior to your initial appointment. Since treatment is tailored to your needs this information will help the Weight Management Team personalize your care path.

After your first two appointments your doctor will advise when you should book your next follow up appointment. This is a long term program that is dedicated to help manage and treat the Chronic Disease of Obesity.

Our staff promises to provide care that is non judgmental, sensitive to your needs and focuses on your medical safety throughout the program. Success in the program is not solely measured by pounds lost, but also by improvements in metabolic parameters, functional abilities and quality of life.

We look forward to meeting you.

Staying Connected

(for active patients of Edmonton Weight Management Centre & Family Practice)

Ava Connect Secure Portal

Our clinic uses Ava EMR (Electronic Medical Records). We ask that our patients sign up for the secure portal, Ava Connect.

With AVA Connect, users are able to input their biometrics, view test results, access requisitions, receive confidential messages and schedule future appointments.

To join please contact us. We will need your email address and we can then send you the invitation to sign up for Ava Connect.